I have finally decided that it will be better to post frequently than try for a masterpiece each time. Writing is not my forte, but I hope the inspiration and the words will come more easily as I write more frequently. Something that does come easily to me is thinking and the subsequent formulation of an opinion. I suspect that this blog will become a soapbox of sorts for my views on a wide range of issues. I will also be taking some time to report on projects of my own in the areas of computers and robotics. I have been inspired by some other sites I have encountered recently and hope to make a small contribution of my own. Since I am going to commit to more frequent postings many of them may be on the short side, though that may be the side many prefer. I may continue to hone a few of the missives I have started and eventually publish them also.

Part of my resolution comes from a recent conversation with some collegues about the waning art of letter-writing. I have never been a good correspondent, but I retain the nagging suspicion that I have missed something that would be enriching. I may someday start writing letters, but until I do this should be excellent practice. A blog could be considered a form of correspondent, but rather than to a specific addressee more of an open letter—like a letter-to-the-editor.

Well, there it is. All two paragraphs. A meager start but a(nother) start none-the-less.