I purchased this domain name last year in the hopes of writing about the relationship of my Christian faith to other intellectual areas of which I am fond. And so it is my intention to prepare posts that comment on a variety of issues of interest to myself and, hopefully, others. My view on these topics is derived from my personal relationship with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, my understanding of Scripture from a reformed theological perspective, my experience as a member of a Charismatic church, my education in science and mathematics, and my vocation as a teacher.

I must confess to being an eclectic; I enjoy a wide range of interests from art to zoology. Unfortunately that means that I am also somewhat of a dilettante in many areas. I would judge my greatest strength to lie in the areas of science, mathematics and computers. I will also confess to a passion for theology, philosophy and education. Further, I am a great fan of science fiction and fantasy, but also have an interest in the classics. I would label myself a proficient, but not inspired, writer and hope to grow in that area; I will leave the judgment of my skill in this area to my readers.

My hope is to begin posting regularly this summer. Of course “regularly” is a vague term and I will leave it in that state lest I commit myself to a publishing frequency that is beyond my time or talents. I cannot promise to keep my posts short or to the point; I love tangents and digressions. I also love the English language, its vocabulary, grammar and syntax. Though I must confess that my vocabulary is probably stronger than my grammar. Finally I will also make the disclaimer that my posts may prove to be offensive to some; not offensive in the sense of vulgar or libelous prose, but offensive because you will vehemently disagree with what I have written. If you should take offense at something I have written, please take comfort in the knowledge that it is only my opinion and I may be an idiot.

Thus, having revealed something of my background and talents (or lack thereof), I bid you adieu.